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    Finally we get a picture from this master peace. It was 1917 when Marcel Duchamp presented one of his most famous art works. It was just an ordinary toilet with a signature on its side. 

    @ToiletProject_Unknown Place_Barcelona

    We also want to share what we find around the world. One of our team members took this photo from a pub in Barcelona. We like to call it “mediterranean style”.

    @QuentinMONSTIER_Unknown Place (We guess it’s France)

    We really like when street art takes part of our daily life. Here you can see a toilet full of graffiti and other marks. But, do you know where is that? Quentin just sent us this photo without any more info about that.

    @MONICAMIR1_Ladies Toilet_Mallorca

    Could it be a self portrait? Sometimes we don’t need to find something incredible on a toilet because the picture itself is just beautiful.

    Alberta Torres

    Alberta Torres is an illustrator originally from Venice and now based in London. Her style of child illustrations is just charming. She is also a motion graphics designer working for a studio in the heart of Shoreditch, in London.

    TP: Hey Alberta! Please, give us a brief description of yourself.

    AT: I’m a human being of female sex aged 25 who loves to draw and be creative.

    Self Portrait

    TP: Toilet and art. What comes to your mind when you think of it?

    AT: Duchamp’s Fountain, first of all. And second of all, The Thinker by Auguste Rodin. A friend of mine had a poster of it hanging on the toilet door, in her flat in Paris. When you were sitting on the loo, you could see him in front of you, in the almost same position! These moments are frequently underestimated, but I’m sure many artists had some of their greatest inspirations while sitting on the toilet.

    TP: Art can be anywhere. Do you think this is true?

    AT: To repeat myself, since Duchamp presented a urinal and lately Piero Manzoni a canned shit as sculptures, yes, art can be anything and can be anywhere. I particularly appreciate the so-called movement of art in the public space. I reckon this is one of the most effective contemporary art forms as it engages with the public in a so much different way than the usual museum/gallery-approach, as art can really speak to everyone and reach people who normally wouldn’t bother with it.

    And toilets, being public spaces, could be really interesting art rooms! 

    Here you have some of her other works. So if you wanna keep looking, just check her illustration website to enjoy more!

    We’ll keep an eye on this interesting artist!

    Fiabe Ruse


    Mondi Alternativi

    @UnaiEzkurra_Sacred Cafe_London

    Really starting to think plants, colours and wood look great in bathrooms! They make a totally different atmosphere!

    From London, cosy toilet in the heart of Soho, Sacred Cafe! Go have a coffee there if you’re in town, the rest of the decoration is awesome!

    Thanks for sharing!

    _ @isoladellerose _Tacheles_Berlin

    L’Isola delle Rose sent us this painting/drawing/graffiti, made on the wall of a toilet in amazing Berlin. This eclectic city always have something different to offer!

    Check out their website if you fancy! We love it!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Mónica Mir

    Mónica is a great photographer who basically loves to experiment with images. We have the occasion to know her a little bit more and share some of her pictures.

    Also, she did a very original work for The Toilet Project!

    TP: Hey Mónica! Please, give us a brief description of yourself.

    MM: I was born in Madrid, but nowadays I work and live in Palma. I try to combine my self education in the photography field with the academic education, waiting to be able to create a work far from conventionalities, feeding on daily life to show a nude and raw vision of reality.

    My goal with photography is trying to send the viewer something similar to what is been lived, through the making of images and stories that create an intense and enduring link.

    Nowadays, I am strongly influenced by artists like Diane Arbus or Francesca Woodman. I love all kind of cameras analogical or digital. Create an image can be done with any device, even a mobile phone…this is just a mean to achieve the aim.

    I have to say, though, that I feel a special attraction for all the analogical, being the creation and treatment of the image through developing something amazing and with which I could not live without.

    Self Portrait


    TP: Toilet and Art….What comes to your mind when you think about it?

    MM: The truth is that I this project fascinates me. Since I was little, I can never leave a place without visiting the toilet. I know what you will think, and leaving aside the physiological part that “toilet” carries, you can also discover things about the people or about the places through them.

    A great place with a shabby bathroom indicates that actually they do not take so much care of the details as they try to show.

    And also, how many feelings are described in the bathrooms? How many laughs and surprises you find there….? As you can see, I am a fan of toilets! ;)

    TP: Art can be anywhere. Do yo think this is true?

    MM:  No doubt about it, yes! I see it on my way to work, in the details, in the streets I am an authentic fan of urban art. It fascinates me and makes my day. I do not think that something needs to be in a gallery to be “art”. Art in itself is much more than that.


    You can check Monica’s work on her cool website or even know what she is up to through her twitter account! So lovely to get to know creative people with open minds and good ideas!

    She loves to share her work through her Facebook official page Monica Mir Photographies. Take a look!

    Incendios de Nieve

    Fe Ciega

    _ @ecciepic_1956’s Outhouse_Talviainen_Finland

    Totally awesome picture sent by Eero Saarel from Finland! Outhouse in the middle of the woods used by finish people during the summer. And this is a pretty old one!

    You can see more of his great pictures in Eccie’s Flickr!

    Thanks a lot for sharing!

    Sandro Thomàs (Sath)

    Sath is an artist originally from Mallorca. He started as a graffiti artist and slowly moves to canvas as well. He is been painting around Spain for many years and travelling around the world as a good adventurer.

    TP: Hey Sath! Please, give us a brief description of yourself.

    Sath: I’m a visual communicator that exteriorizes his curiosities and shares his reflections through paintings and digital illustrations.

    TP: Toilet and Art….What comes to your mind when you think about it?

    Sath: Years ago, I used to carry a marker in my pocket and leave my name in the bathrooms. It is more interesting to have a piss when you look at signatures (tags) of different shapes and colors. I love to observe.

    TP: Art can be anywhere. Do you think this is true?

    Sath: Of course. I would say even more. I’ve seen walls in the streets, gradated with textures and colors, much more interesting than some work in art galleries. Anyway, it is a pretty subjective matter.

    Sath_Bath in an abandoned house


    Here you have some of Sath’s most incisive works. You can check all of them in his website: or visit his great photo gallery on Sath’s Flickr.

    He’s also participating in a bunch of exhibitions around Mallorca and Spain. So hopefully soon you can see him in other countries!


    Efecto (del que) Dominó

    Gripe Amorosa


    Britt Jackson_Restroom Elevator_Unknown Place

    Stunning picture sent by Britt Jackson! Here we have a tone of crystal (?), plastic (?) balls just over your head, ready to fall just when you’re down there! WOW! Amazing design!

    Thanks a lot for sharing!

    Paula Diaz_Latin Bar_Central (Hong Kong)

    Cosy and delicate toilet in this latin bar in the Central neighbourhood of Hong Kong!

    The restroom really tells a lot about a place! Specially if it’s a public place, since it tells you how much attention they pay to details!

    Exciting to have pictures from Asia! We want more! :)

    Thanks for sharing!

    Makeawishwithmex_Her School Bathroom

    Here we have this original toilet with markers all around, flowers and a lamp (!!!). Surprising! And cool!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Miquel Àngel_Restaurant_Zarautz

    Here we have our first picture from the Basc Country (north of Spain), very proud f it!

    Cool to have La Gioconda on ladies side…what about the guy on the left? Can somebody tell us who is he?

    Thanks for sharing!

    Apuesta por tu Planeta_Unknown Place

    There you go another one from Apuesta por tu Planeta! Wonderful idea, recycling those wheels as a restroom furniture. We couldn’t love it more.

    Check their stuff for more inspiring ideas!

    Thanks for sharing!

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